Hi, I'm Jules Kuehn!

Me sitting under a tree

About Me

Working with humans and computers

Like you, I'm a human living on earth, so we have a lot in common!

I am a lifelong student of music, design, and engineering. Currently, I'm completing a Computer Science degree at Carleton University (2019) in Ottawa, Canada.

I have many interests including teaching, technological design for social good, keyboards, wearable/persistent computing, augmented/virtual reality, music/audio, artificial intelligence, and reproducing photos on typewriters.

My long-term goal is to design and develop a human-centric computing environment that better enables people to clarify and realize their individual and collective goals.


Besides my studies, I have two jobs:

  1. Workshop facilitator for first-year Computer Science students (Carleton University)
  2. Accessibility testing (WCAG) for the federal government (Shared Services Canada)

In the past I've worked primarily in music recording and web development.